December Trailer of the Month

Posted: 12.03.2014

Every month, we are going to post about one fantastic trailer and tell you about all the awesome features, about the owners and how you can get one!

           Our first trailer is a 4-Star “2+1” Runabout gooseneck horse trailer. This trailer has a thousand different uses with two ramps and a removable set of dividers. This style of trailer has become very popular recently because of its multi-use capability.



4-Star has been making the best trailers since 1984 and are built right here in Oklahoma City. Their reputation for the strongest trailers is built upon their attention to detail and innovation. This trailer is a great example.

The “Runabout” model is all the 4-Star quality without the big price tag. It’s not as customizable as the Deluxe model but can still be fitted to each individual customer. Kari of Scottsdale, AZ needed a tall trailer for her very tall dressage prospects.


At 7'6" tall with 84" long x 41" wide stalls with 36" of head space, this trailer is built for the big ones!


The front box stall is separated by swinging, removable stud gates. These gates are also equipped with the Quiet Ride feature.


The front box stall is 7'6" long x 6'10" wide with a 5' wide ramp and dutch door. That's large enough for a horse or golf cart, wheel barrow, hay, pony cart....

   She also had another interesting need; this trailer needed to be extremely quiet. Her newest and largest prospect is from Germany, where the horse vans are very quiet and comfortable. Other straight load trailers are so loud that he refuses to load.

4-Star is the only manufacturer to offer “Quiet Ride”, a divider system that reduces noise inside the trailer. A typical divider system is pinned into the floor and ceiling with metal pins. With metal on metal vibrating and shaking down the road, it gets very loud very quickly. Watch the clip below!


Crazy! The sound levels inside this trailer averaged over 90 db! The meter peaked at 105 db several times during this short ride. Now watch the Quiet Ride video. It works beautifully! This option can be added to any straight load model.


An up close view of what makes "Quiet Ride" quiet!




We also wanted this trailer to look slick. What’s better looking than classic black with aluminum slats? Not a lot!



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