Posted: 09.11.2015

Versatility: adjective; 1. capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc. 2. having or capable of many uses. 

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Introducing the first adjustable pen system from 4-Star Trailers. This pen system is different from other manufacturers because it can be done by one person, usually with one hand. The design is simply a pin that acts as a pivot and some modification to the center posts. 


^All the pens are in the 50/50 position^

All of the gates, posts and pins are custom built to each individual trailer. Not only does that ensure quality above and beyond expectation but also an exact fit. 


^Even individual pens can be on different settings^

There's only three steps to change a pen: pull up on the pivot pin, rotate it, then drop it in the desired setting. That's it! 
















This is the only trailer available from 4-Star with this option at this time.

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