Equipment: SnowEx


If your in the market for a new snow plow here's just a few reasons why SnowEX could be the right decision for you:

1. SnowEX  Is As Strong As They Come- SnowEx plows are built to take on more than just the average snow, they are built to endure some of the most grueling conditions. From Kansas to Alaska, SnowEX is guaranteed to get the job done.

2. Smooth, Agile, and Top Performance- SnowEX is one of the easiest snow plows to use on the market! You want simplicity and efficiency and that's what you get with SnowEX, an intuitive hand-held remote controller makes it easy to raise, lower and angle the blade or wings at the touch of a button. Getting the job done just got easier with this all new innovative technology from SnowEX.

3. Made To Last- Built by the best in the industry, SnowEX is most durable snow plow brand on the market. SnowEX prides themselves on industry leading technology and production that guarantees SnowEX be built to last, and they have the warranties to back it up!

4. Get On the Road Fast-  Guaranteed to be the quickest and easiest mounting and installation of any snow plow brand! After the bracket is installed, mounting and removing the SnowEX is quick and easy. SnowEX knows that when you need to work you don't need to spend precious time getting your plow ready, that's why with SnowEX installation is quick and easy to get you on the road fast!

SnowEX also has a variety of top quality spreaders, liquid and solid options are both available as well as any size you can imagine! Make SnowEX  your brand to get the job done! We offer SnowEX products at our Wichita,SalinaOklahoma City,  Kansas City, and St. Louis locations.