Equipment: ASV Track Loader

CSTK Wichita is now offering ASV Track Loader machinery. If your in the market for a new piece of heavy machinery, you will definitely want to look at ASV. We have a variety of different options as well as service and repair.


We are now offering ASV heavy machinery out of our Wichita location. We offer a variety of options as well as different service packages. ASV is a premier name in heavy machinery when looking at purchasing a new track loader or skid steer. We off four different models ranging from 30-120 horsepower at our Wichita location the RT-30, RT-60, RT-75 and the big boy RT-120. 

If you're finding yourself on the fence about which brand will be best for you, here is some reason why ASV would be a great option:

1.) All of these models are the most nimble on the market. With the new track system as compared to the regular wheel system, this provides for a much smoother transition and fluidity in movements.

2.) ASV has higher operating ground speeds than its competitors in all conditions! In the ASV models the travel speed ranges from 5.3 mph to 11 mph. This goes to show that whatever it is you're doing, you can get it done quicker with ASV.

3.) The ride is much smoother! Where other brands might be jump in moving from one direction to another or just jumpy in general when in operation, the ASV rides smooth and does not tire out the operator.

4.) Excellent material handing! The ASV can outperform other brands when matched up with a test of material handling. The ASV is faster than other track loaders and skid steers, as well as having a high load capacity. The operating weight for ASV models ranges from 3,600- 11,200 lbs. HEAVY DUTY! That's really the only way to describe the ASV. So if you have need for a serious piece of machinery, the ASV is what you need.