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2019 4-Star 24′ Stock Trailer

Stock #: 948040


2019 4-Star 24' Stock Trailer

STK #: 948040

Width: 8'  Length: 24'  Height:  6'6''

This trailer is beautiful white smooth skin with a full height side ramp up front on the curb side. It also has a rear ramp behind the rear door. Both ramps have the great option that 4-Star offers called the Easy Lift Ramps, and they work great! The front 12' of this trailer has an open stock compartment and the back 12' has the 4-Star pen system. There are 6 pens that are removable and adjustable with feeder rods 14'' long and 11'' off the floor on all small pen gates, this trailer has a very popular V-Nose also. It has two tie rails on the street side, one high and one low.  One inside tie rail along the wall on the streetside, the center gate is a rolling center gate with sliding filler plates and is fully removable, if you need to remove it for any reason. It has plexiglass to fill the two high air cracks and down low it has teh fold down slats on each side, including side doors with filler bar centered in air crack. Four inside dome lights and two 11' awning lights, one at the rear ramp and one at the side ramp. This trailer also has 7000 lb axles with 16'' fourteen ply tires. The very popular W.E.R.M. floor has also been installed. The best in the business, don't overlook this one, if you look for strength, warranty, and versatility. This is the trailer for you!

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