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2020 4-Star Stock Bumper Pull

Stock #: 048162


2020 4-Star Stock Bumper Pull

Width:  7'  Length:  15'  Height:  6'

STK #:  048162


This is a great size for a six pen trailer! The pens are a little larger with the very popular 4-Star pen system that is second to none. A large storage room in the front of the trailer located in the wedge nose, and has the full walk through door in the wedge on the curbside. It has a full walk through door on the curb side that opens to the stock compartment. A rear ramp behind double rear doors with anti-rack hardware. There is plexiglass (removable) that is in the two air cracks up high and also in the lower air crack. It has very shiny aluminum on the sides with black metallic smooth aluminum. Very affordable top of the line six pen stock trailer.

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