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ASV RT-120F (OKC location)

Stock #: AV1946

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Located at our Oklahoma City Location


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Loader arms---Radial
Operating weight---11,265 lbs I 511 0 kg
Shipping weight---10,391 lbs I 4713 kg
Ground pressure @ operating weight---4.4 psi I 30.3 kPa
Rated operating capacity,35% of tipping load---3,535 lbs 11603 kg

Operating capacity, 50% of tipping load---5,050 lbs I 2291 kg

Tipping load---10,100 lbs 14581 kg

Travel speed, maximum - 1st speed---6 mph I 9. 7 kph

Travel speed, maximum - 2nd Speed---10 mph 116 kph


Type--- Diesel, 4-cylinder, inter cooled, turbocharged
Model---Cummins OSF3.8
Displacement---232 cubic in I 3.8 L 
Gross power rating @ 2800 rpm---120 hp 189.5 kW
Torque, peak---360 ft-lb 1488 Nm
Cooling system---Hydraulically fan and coolant/anti-freeze-filled radiator
Intake air cleaner---Three-stage
Emission controls---Meets all U.S. EPA Tier 4 final standards.


Leasing Options Available:

5 Year Lease: $1,204.32

5 Year Loan:  $1,564.59

Some Restrictions apply. WAC. See Dealer for details. 



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