Special Features

Posted: 07.23.2015

This is a slick little 4-Star 26' show stock trailer. It has some very cool features that set it apart!

DSC_0003 Ad

Black aluminum skin, full height side ramp and 4' dressing room give this trailer form and function. Final measurements are 26' L x 8' W x 6' H.



The coolest feature about this trailer is the full width rear ramp with a flip up door above.



The door is powered by sturdy hydraulic arms that hold the door out of the way while you are using the ramp. The door also has rubber around the edge for a nice, tight seal.



(You can also see the b-e-a-utiful welds from 4-Star manufacturing)


The dressing room includes lots of hooks and a full width boot box for storage.




The side ramp, diamond tread-plate floor, tie rails and a "floating" gate (also called a rolling gate) make this a perfect show cattle trailer! DSC_0036A



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